Tesa's Entertainment Journal

Vol. 2 Issue 1 Encapsulated reviews of the Top Films and TV series, plus photography and celebrity interviews.

 Welcome to Tesa's Entertainment Journal

Here you can read my reviews of the Top 15 Films of All Time (You'll notice that my top 15 list consists of 21 films. Hey, it's my list. I can add more if I want.) and of the Top 12 TV Shows.

Go ahead: Agree or disagree with me. Perhaps watch something I've listed that you haven't seen before. Sign my guest book and leave me a list of your top films and TV shows. I'm not picky. Tell me reasons why I should drop everything I'm doing and watch "The Fast and the Furious." I'm waiting to hear what they are.

When you're through reading my reviews, check out the interviews I've done with celebrities over the years, and then check out the links to my photography sites on the web.